We Are AMP

Breaking barriers to achieve your next-level manufacturing needs

 “Make a hole thinner than hair in metal”, “Cut metal out thinner than paper”

In precision manufacturing, we make full use of the know-how of advanced ultra-precision cutting, which has accumulated high-performance materials that are particularly difficult to cut.

We, at AMP, manufacture precision parts on a by-order basis, such as prototypes, single items, and small lots. Our precision products are used in advanced fields such as medical equipment, automobile development, and semiconductor manufacturing.


"Pursuit of absolute quality" is the premise of unwavering trust.

Ultra Fine Processing

We specialize in micro-precision parts processing in cutting, such as minimum milling / hole processing φ0.01, minimum shaft diameter φ0.1, which is thinner than hair.

Promised Quality


Based on ultra-precision cutting technology, we have established a contract system that can always respond to customer’s requirements with optimal and speedy processing.

Abundant experience

Accumulated own processing know-how through experience for many difficult-to-process projects. Ask us for your needs of complex shapes, high precision, small-lot prototypes, micro-precision cutting.


Please feel free to talk with us.



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